The Anti Faffing Collective

Business Coaching, but not as you know it.

The Anti Faffing collective is a community of mischief makers and action takers

Business owners who want to have fun as well as get stuff done

Have you had enough of getting in your own way?

You’ve been playing around the edges for too long, and now it’s time to go all in

You’re done with procratsi-learning and ready to focus on implementing

You’re sick of overcomplicating things, you want simple and straightforward

Welcome to The Anti Faffing Collective

Please allow me to blow your mind.

What is it?

The Anti Faffing Collective is a community centred around taking small but perfectly formed action day in, day out. Getting you out of your own way

The focus is on consistency, accountability and support. I want to help you get passionate about what you do and confident about making the offer.

It’s based on my tried and tested 1:1 coaching work with clients, with the added magic of community.

In the Collective

You will

You won't...

This what others who have worked with me said

How does it work?

We mainly hang out in a private Facebook group. There won’t be learning units or regular content for you to work through. I’m not about to add to your to-do list

There will be access to me and the chance to get a sounding board, advice and support

Once a fortnight there will be group accountability calls where we check in on what progress you’ve made. The calls will have a coaching led approach, allowing the group to share experiences and learn from each other

Each Monday, you can choose whether or not to participate in my famous Virtual Co-Working sessions. These are pure magic for actually getting the work done and staying focused

This is for you if...

This is for people who know what they need to do, but struggle to actually get it done under their own steam

People who want a business that’s fun as well as successful

People who are ready to stop learning and focus on action

If you want different results then you need to do something different.

Is it for me?

Yes, if...

£149 per month

Really ramp up your business transformation by signing up for a whole 12 months and get a BONUS 1:1 coaching call and keep the same monthly payments even if the price goes up for new joiners!

6 spaces available with unlimited 1:1 coaching for £299 per month

This isn't just learning how to structure and grow your business, you’ll also learn how to master your mindset so that you can actually implement what you’ve learned.

What's included?

You will have access to the private members Facebook group where your fellow like minded new business buddies will be waiting for you!

Weekly accountability emails making sure you’re staying on track and addressing any problems early on

Fortnightly live group coaching sessions

Weekly virtual co-working sessions to actually get stuff done

Support and input from me via the Facebook group on simple, practical business strategies

The Anti Faffing Collective is only for you if:

What could your business look like right now if you weren’t being held back by fear?

Word of warning... I will nudge you out of your comfort zone. I’ll be encouraging you to do things you don’t feel ready for

Newflash, you don't need to be ready. This is an action taking, learning and implementing, structure building, tough love, goal smashing collective.

Why me?

I don't mess around. You’re here because you know you either can’t or won’t get where you want to be on your own. I'm here because I want to help you get there.

I’m not the right person for everyone and I’m okay with that. If you want soft and fluffy or intellectual and intense then we’re not going to be a good match! But there is a lid for every pot..

I specialise in helping my clients stop faffing and start taking real action to get results.

The coaching I provide is about getting you ready for the next stage of your business.

You deserve to have the lifestyle you daydream about and you deserve to have the business that makes it a reality.

What are you waiting for?