Who am I, and why should you care?

The Travelling Knicker Lady

I’m the coach that started as a bank manager. I’ve also been a travelling knicker lady (doing area & regional manager roles for La Senza and Ann Summers) and was a director in a fast growing entrepreneurial business. I helped grow that business from £19m to £45m over 5 years. It was fast and furious, and one hell of a learning curve. 

I was the girl who could be relied on to make stuff happen. I thrived on change, faced challenges head on and was always learning on the go. I was confident, fearless and always looking ahead. 

Climbing The Retail Career Ladder 

My career moved quickly without me ever really planning it that way. I said yes to opportunities and made it work. 

I continued in retail, but I could feel myself stagnating.   I was working with people I liked, doing stuff I found easy, but it wasn’t inspiring or challenging me anymore. I was spending more time being the expert and less time in the learning zone.  

Over time and without me noticing, I went into ‘rinse and repeat’ mode.  I kept on going even when there was nothing left in the tank. The career I wanted had become like an albatross around my neck without me even realising. 

Heading For Burnout 

Looking back, I was on the verge of burnout but back then, my pride and ego couldn’t admit it. My whole professional identity was tied up in the person who could bounce back, get stuff done and keep smiling. I had gotten to a point where I couldn’t keep going.  

Coaching Was The Answer

I knew deep down that I wanted to coach full time, but I didn’t imagine it could really happen. When I started looking for a new job, I kidded myself one with less travel was the answer. With a better work life balance all would be fine. When I started looking for jobs, I felt no love for any of them. It was the same old stuff, repeating what I already knew rather than being stretched and challenged. 

Twice in my career I’d had coaching provided by my employer. I’d had training and used coaching a lot within my leadership and management responsibilities, loving how it had the power to bring out the ideas already inside someone. 

The idea of doing it as a business was exciting, but I was scared of the reality. I thought back to how I used to be – the girl who went for it and worked it out along the way, and I made a choice that I was going to be her again. 

You Can Set Whatever The Hell Goals You Want!

I suddenly had purpose and energy. I became the kick ass girl I used to be. The girl who said yes to stuff and worried about how to do it later. The girl I really am, who lost her way trying to fit in to climb the corporate ladder.  

I’d always loved it when one of my team had a lightbulb moment during our coaching, but it felt limiting to be working with people who had to have goals that were in line with the organisation. I wanted to work with business owners who had the autonomy to set whatever the hell goals they liked and then go after them full steam ahead.  

I want to make a difference to business owners. 

I want to see other people winning, surprising themselves when they realise what is possible, coming alive and rediscovering their sense of drive, energy and fun. 

I’m Not A Fluffy Coach 

I’m not the right person for everyone and I’m okay with that.  If you want soft and fluffy or intellectual and intense then we’re not going to be a good match! But, there is a lid for every pot!

I specialise in helping my clients stop faffing and start taking real action to get results.  The coaching I provide is about getting you ready for the next stage of your business. Ready to shift your thinking and get focused on the stuff that will get you there. Ready to say no to distractions and choosing to act based on what you want to achieve rather than how you feel. 

Are You Ready To Work With Me?

Together we strip things back to what really matters and take away the complexity and confusion that has crept in and kept you stuck. 

It is the most amazing work and I feel genuinely privileged to be along for the ride as you take your business to the next level and beyond. I get the bonus of a dose of motivation from the conversations we have and seeing the results you get.  It’s pure magic.   

You ready?