Obviously it isn’t all about me

In fact it isn’t about me at all - if you’re thinking of coaching then you are almost certainly far more interested in what you can expect to gain from it than you are in my story.

Fortunately some of my (pretty amazing) clients have been kind enough to let me share these.

Before working with Jacqui things in my business had got a bit sluggish. Some of the things I was trying to get done were taking me longer than usual.

I was procrastinating.

At the end of working with her it’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Or more accurately the wall has been knocked down and I can just get on with things.

I’m more focused, more motivated, I’m calmer.

I can just get on with stuff!

Janine Coombes

Small Business Marketing Mentor &
#SecretMarketingShow creator

I knew I needed help with marketing, AKA selling myself and what I do, not only with the strategy but also with the mindset and confidence to actually put myself out there and do it.

Jacqui has an incredible ability to ask the right questions to get you thinking deeply about your reasons for wanting to do things or not wanting to do them.

One phrase in particular of Jacqui’s has stuck with me:
“You can’t be a secret and a success”.

Getting some understanding of how the brain works in relation to motivation and “imposter syndrome” has also been immensely valuable. It has been a genuine pleasure working with Jacqui over the last few months.

I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Catherine Williams

Chapter One Book Production

I’ve just completed Jacqui’s intensive coaching programme and can thoroughly recommend her. Her questioning is excellent and really helped me to get to the heart of what I was working on.

As far as accountability goes, as she says, she gives just the right amount of bum-kicking which was needed at times!

She’s helped me massively in many areas over the last few months but the stand-out ones for me were her sessions on pricing and the sales process for my business. I’m already sold on the benefits of coaching but having Jacqui coaching me meant I was able to achieve far more than I would have done on my own and more rapidly too.

For example, one target I’d set a week to achieve, I completed in three hours – did I mention Jacqui’s fab mindset talents?

Perhaps most importantly, I looked forward to each and every session and had lots of fun working with her.

Marguerite Farmer

North and Nimble

When I first spoke to Jacqui, I was dealing with a lot of personal issues and it had meant my business wasn’t progressing. I knew I needed to take action and I was ready to take back control.

With Jacqui’s help I did exactly that!

I’m not a fan of affirmations, but when Jacqui asked me to write down what I wanted to achieve suddenly writing it down gave me clarity.

It’s crazy, I knew what I wanted to achieve but there was a mindset block. The key point for me was that Jacqui was asking the pertinent questions and they led to me having the ‘stupid moments’ (in a good way)!

Talking to Jacqui gave me a confidence boost because the sessions got me into a different headspace.

I’m now ready to conquer the world!

Louisa van Vessem

Workflow VA