Work with me

If you’ve stuck with me this far then we’re getting to the business end of things – like what you can you expect if you sign up for coaching with me and what it will cost. 

Well, I’m down to earth and straightforward rather than fluffy. I don’t use big words, I have a fairly sarcastic sense of humour and I work best with people who want to make a change but don’t take themselves too seriously. If you’ve got a touch of the rebel about you then we’ll probably get on.

If you’d like to plan a free chat to find out more, you can book here.

Kickass Package

from £350 per month

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re getting in your own way, and you’re sick of it. Enough is enough now. You have thought yourself round in circles, made plans and then not seen them through. You know all about working on the business rather than in it, but when life hits it isn’t as simple as it sounds to stick with it. 

It feels a bit ridiculous – you’re smart and capable and switched on. You’re not afraid to jump in and take action and you have loads of great ideas but it’s not translating to growing your business in the way you want.

You can see other people making a success of things and logically you know you could too, if only you could manage your time better…. and actually start doing the important stuff that’s been on the list for ages. 

Having some external accountability makes a difference to you. You like the idea of being one of those uber-disciplined completer finisher types, but the reality is you are more likely to do the things someone else is asking you about. 

Having a bit of headspace and a sounding board rather than trying to get your thoughts straight in your own head is appealing too. You don’t need someone to give you the answers – you’re not a fan of being told what to do anyway. But someone to tease out the stuff you can’t quite get to by yourself is a different matter. 

If that’s the case, the kickass package could be exactly what you need.

It costs from £350 per month and does exactly what it says on the tin.

We work together to set out your key priorities and then I remind you of those priorities and nudge you week in, week out to keep focused on them. Sounds simple, but it’s definitely not easy!

Pathfinder Package

from £1200

Are you more the kind of person who will absolutely nail a to-do list once it is written, you just need to make sure the plan is perfect before you make a start?

You love the feeling of having purpose to what you do, and at one point you were crystal clear on why you’d started your business and how you wanted it to be. 

But somehow over time you feel like you’ve lost your way a bit and now you need to regroup, reassess and take back control.

Your business might be starting up or getting ready to scale up and the mind monkeys are having a field day chattering to you so now is the time to get some help taming them.

The pathfinder package costs £1,200 and is all geared to giving you the best possible thinking space. It puts you back in the driving seat, choosing the path you want to follow.

You don’t need accountability so much as a nudge to do the deeper thinking you might avoid or back off from on your own. You might like the odd idea thrown in to spark your thinking but you can’t bear the idea of a cookie cutter approach where someone tells you what you should be doing.

Sales Training
Power Hour

just £99 per session

If you know you need to be able to sell but don’t want to sell out and turn yourself into Honest John the second hand car salesman my power hour can get you on your way. 

I’ll take you through what you need to know to create a sales process that feels right for you. No pushiness, no ick factor. 

You won’t get slimy tactics or magic words to say. You will get to understand what is making it feel uncomfortable right now and what you can do about it.  

It costs £99 which includes a recording of the session to refer back to.