Work with me

If you’ve stuck with me this far then we’re getting to the business end of things – like what you can you expect if you sign up for coaching with me and what it will cost. 

Well, I’m down to earth and straightforward rather than fluffy. I don’t use big words, I have a fairly sarcastic sense of humour and I work best with people who want to make a change but don’t take themselves too seriously. If you’ve got a touch of the rebel about you then we’ll probably get on.

If you’d like to plan a free chat to find out more, you can book here.

Kickass Package

from £399 per month

My Kickass Package is a 1:1 coaching package for established service based business owners who want to dream big but get in their own way

You’ve been going a little while and you can pay yourself each month, but it feels like a lot of effort for the reward you’re getting

You’re done with dabbling and ready to go all in 

You’re sick of being triggered by other people who started their business at the same time as you and are flying


This is for you if…

  • You know you need to be more daring but can’t quite get yourself to do it under your own steam
  • Coming up with ideas is no problem but actually seeing them through is
  • The idea of working on the business is great but finding the time and headspace to actually do it is another matter
  • You’ve had stuff on your list for ages that you know is important, but so much needs to happen first you despair of ever getting to it
  • You’re turned off by the 6 figure blah blah blah messaging and cookie cutter approaches out there and just want to find the stuff that works for you 

The focus is on thinking big then translating that into small but consistent action 

How It Works

We speak once a fortnight, either on the phone or by zoom. In between times, there is support via Voxer 

When we start working together we’ll get crystal clear on your business goals (if they don’t make you a bit sick in your mouth they probably aren’t ambitious enough) 

Then we’ll translate this into some short term laser focused priorities (no more than 3) that you’ll get cracking with 

I’ll get you to complete an emotional intelligence assessment and we will use it to figure out where to get the most bang for your buck in creating some behavioural habits that support what you want to create in your business

Then we’ll look at your business alter ego – the most kickass version of your business self that you can channel when obstacles come up or motivation dips

Week in, week out I’ll be encouraging you to celebrate the progress you’re making and calling you on any BS excuses that creep in

Sounds simple but it’s not for the faint hearted

The Anti Faffing Collective

Group plus 1:1 coaching £299 per month

The Anti Faffing Collective is a group coaching programme for entrepreneurs who just want to stop faffing and get on with it

You’ve been playing around the edges for too long, and now it’s time to go all in.

You’re done with procrasti-learning and ready to focus on implementing.

You’re sick of over-complicating things, you want simple and straightforward.

The focus in the group is on action, accountability and support. 

The magic is in the community – it’s like being part of a team. You all have your own stuff to be working on but being able to bounce ideas around and have a laugh together makes it less lonely and more fun

This is for you if…

  • You overthink stuff sometimes because you don’t have anyone to ask
  • You’re sick of big, noisy groups and taught programmes – you want space to breathe
  • Friends and family just don’t quite get it when it comes to your business and it drives you nuts sometimes
  • You’ve had enough of going it alone trying to get stuff done and never feeling you’ve made the progress you wanted
  • You’re prepared to work hard when needed but the ‘hustle’ mentality boils your blood.

If you want different results then you need to do something different.

How It Works

We mainly hang out in a private Facebook group. There are no learning units or regular content for you to work through. I’m not about to add to your to-do list

There is access to me and the chance to get a sounding board, advice and support from fellow business owners

Once a fortnight there are group calls where we dig into the stuff that’s coming up. The calls have a coaching led approach, allowing the kind of support and challenge that comes from being part of a team

Lightbulbs ping, ideas are hatched and nurtured and perspectives shift

Each Monday, you can choose whether or not to participate in my famous virtual co-working sessions. Pure magic for actually getting the work done and staying focused

To really amp up your results you also have access to me for 2 x half hour 1:1 coaching sessions per month and unlimited support via Voxer (a messaging app) in between group calls 

Pick My Brains
Power Hour

just £149 per session

You might not need regular coaching. Maybe you’re just stuck on a thorny issue and need to get out of your own head? 

In that case, my power hour could be for you. These are designed to get you unstuck and raring to take action

They work best when you have a specific area you need clarity on – things like

  • Creating a sales process that feels natural rather than icky
  • Figuring out your pricing strategy
  • Getting clarity on who your ideal client is (and what to do with that information)

My approach is coaching led, so you can expect some questions to prompt your thinking and a sounding board to bounce ideas around

It costs £149 which includes a recording of the session to refer back to.