The Secret to Getting Shit Done

Faffing – the official term for doing a lot and achieving nothing.  It’s a bit like “pratting about” but faffers can convince themselves that what they’re doing is actually work even though they know and we know it’s just faffing.  I create accountability. When you’re showing up to a call you know I am going to ask you about the progress you’ve made, and that makes it more likely you will actually make some. 

One client described it as like having an unofficial boss. I’m not afraid to call you on your BS – arse kicking is one of my specialities. But equally, I’ll get you to recognise that you’ll get further being kind to yourself than you will be beating yourself up about all the stuff you haven’t done yet.  

Why am I so interested in faffers? Because faffing stands between you and greatness.  Everything you want is on the other side of procrastination. 

Diagnosing the reason for your procrastination 

Do you know which type of faffer you are? During my career as a coach I have identified a few different types of faffer. You’ve got your “perfectionist faffers” ; the planners. They will only take action when they have all the knowledge or the minutiae of the plan and all its steps mapped out.  The problem with this type of faffing is how much knowledge or learning is enough? How much do you need to know before you take action? 

Then you’ve got the Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) faffers.  They LOVE taking action and are bursting with new ideas. SOS faffers are positive and optimistic souls. They feel excited about the future of their business.  Although they start strong they rarely see anything through to completion.  They flit from one thing to another and then get frustrated with their lack of progress. 

The final type of procrastinator is the emotional faffer. They can be laser focused and super productive but are guided and led by strong emotions and feelings that can send them reeling. On days when they are feeling down and lacking motivation, emotional faffers can lose hours in front of their laptops and achieve nothing.  If they are unsure of pursuing a particular course of action they can feel overwhelmed leading to avoiding making any decisions at all, preferring to leave it until a different day when they may feel up to it.   

What do I do? 

I don’t teach, or mentor. I’m a sidekick. A wing woman. A cheerleader. The Watson to your Sherlock Holmes.  I won’t give you all the answers but I will help you find your own. 

At its very heart is the fact that with my support, you will take consistent action that you wouldn’t take under your own steam. Some uber disciplined “completer finisher” types don’t need support to take action. But most of us aren’t like that. Under our own steam we faff about, over think, agonise over decisions, get distracted or try to do too much. 

When it comes to what action to take, I don’t believe in cookie cutter approaches. I believe in principles and structure. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. And anyway, my clients don’t want to be told what to do. They want to figure out what works for them. Which normally involves earning  a lot of money without having to work stupid hours. 

I am most definitely NOT about the hustle. 

There are 3 pillars to the way I work;

  • Focus
  • Simplicity
  • Accountability 


I push you to be focused. Ruthlessly, scarily, laser focused. The first question I ask all new clients, whether it is 1:1 or in my group programme is “what is the current priority for you in your business?” Most people struggle at first to get that honed into one clear focus, but the more focused they get the better their results. 

When you focus you make more progress. Simple (see pillar 2)


I work in a way that is purposely simple. The world seems to say that complexity is sophisticated and aspirational. I say bollocks to that, simple is powerful. Why complicate stuff for the sake of it? The stuff that has been memorable and impactful in my life has been simple. 

Simple is not the same as easy. Simple can be hard. Like showing up on social media. It’s not complicated but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. I’ll encourage you to find simple but powerful solutions. Stripping back all the excess stuff that doesn’t add value. 


People tend to come to me when they have had enough of trying to deal with their faffing by themselves. They have tried willpower. They have tried productivity hacks. They’ve resisted getting help because they feel like they should be able to handle it. But when they commit and follow it through, they wish they had done it sooner. 

Are you ready to get shit done? 

If you are ready to start seeing results and start making more money without the hours, grind or hustle, book a call with me and let’s see which programme is right for you.  

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